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A Brief History of the Wudam Hash House Harriers

A meeting took place on the 1st of March 1989 to discuss the possibility/feasibility of setting up a Hash at Wudam. Those present at this momentous occasion were:

Roger Sheppard Tommy Steele Ray Roberts Rocky Hudson
Joe Wiacek John Thornback Jim Dyson Gus Write
Ian Cowie Pete Hutchinson Tony Longhurst Paul and
John Flynn Tony Solman Rhocket Rhod Monica Dewhurst
Flash Gordon Gary Vigor Steve Norris  
Gordon Lucas Colin Percival Rich Honeychurch  

Bruce Jeffrey would have been present but was asleep at the time!

The minutes of the meeting reported: 'The first item on the agenda was the election of the Hash Hierarchy. This was a long drawn-out procedure with nobody wanting to do the various duties and everybody not wanting anyone else to do them either. Never mind 'Birth of the Hash', having decided we were going to have one, it was nearly stillborn'.

Eventually the following Hash offices were elected and thus the Wudam Hash House Harriers was born::

                                        Grand Master:          Roger Sheppard

                                        Joint Master:            Steve Norris

                                        Hash Cash:              Colin Percival

                                        On Sec.:                     Bruce Jeffrey

                                        Hash Words:            Ian Cowie (later 'named' Pectoral Plucker)

                                        Hare Raiser:             Rhocket Rhod

Where are you now?

If you read this and have any stories to recount or memories/photographs to share, please send me an email and I will include them on this page.

The first run.......

The first run took place on the 7th of March 1989 - just one week after the formation of the WH3 - and started from Wudam Golf Club (not so grand as it sounds as it consists of a load of sand and gravel and no grass). The hares were Derek Cousins assisted by Robby Burns and 21 runners took part. What follows is a paragraph from the hash words of the inaugural  run...........

Joint Master (JM) brought us down to earth with a bump when he commenced his run postmortem. Shades of Jebel (The Oman Jebel H3). Volumous and vindictive were the utterings brought down on all our heads, or so it seemed, but poor hare Derek Cousins (DC) suffered worstawfully. Fanatical were JM's condemnations about laying a trail that ended in a check circle but from whence no other trails were laid. DC protested his innocence. He said that he laid that trail by mistake and erased 200 metres of it to stop runners finding what he had mislaid. They found it! However JM was in full flow and had no wish to be interrupted. Many were the shocked faces, especially DC's, at JM's noisy and intimidating diatribe. DC was getting it in the neck but I was concerned that JM might get it on the nose.

Sounds like it was a fun run!

The JM then gave a short lecture on Hash signs and Hash shouts for the uninitiated. These were reproduced in the Hash Words so that there could be no shocked cries of "but I didn't know about that" again.

Much downing of 'Blue Tubes' (sounds like Fosters to me) was done afterwards and two weeks hence was earmarked for the next run (walk, stagger, stumble) with the trail being laid 25km beyond the Armaments Depot by Tony Longhurst and Joe Wiaceck. Volunteers were requested for the third run - and so the Wudam Hash was well and truly up and running (walking, staggering, etc.)