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Welcome to the home page of the

Wudam Hash House Harriers


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Grand Master,              

RA and Hash Cash:    Thai Pussy Feeder (aka Colin Clark - ex Brunei Hashes)      

Hash Horn:                    Little Jack Horn Sucker (aka John Chapman - ex nowhere much)

Hash Gash:                    Baldrick's Codpiece (aka Jim/Tony Wood - ex who cares?)

Hare Raiser:                   Freda Flintstone (aka Jerry Smith - still Hells Angels)


And that's about it! Ours is a small hash due to the number of expatriates leaving for pastures greener, retiring or just getting too old for it. Numbers vary between a handful to around 16 (for a special event); a far cry from the early days when up to 40 Hashers turned up for a spot of healthy exercise followed by a lot of unhealthy drinking.


Next Run:                To be announced


Time and Venue:   

Down Down:          


Queen Vic's Last Run - Click Here!




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